The 13th National Congress of the HSPPM will take place in Budapest on February 12-13, 2016. see HERE

Program of the 12th National Congress of the HSPPM, Hungarian Society of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine

TIME: March 20-21, 2015

VENUE: Tulip Inn Budapest Millenium Hotel1089 Budapest, Üllői út 94-98. Hungary

Language of the event: Hungarian. (on March 21, at 11:00am, Professor Dr. Zack Boukydis will hold an English workshop: Watching Babies with Parents: Listening to Parent, Baby and Self) 

If you are interested in visiting the networking evening on March 20 Fri at 7:30pm, or the entire Congress, but you do not speak Hungarian, please write us to the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



March 20, 2015, Friday

 9:00am Registration

 9:30am OPENING


Prof. Dr. István Rákóczi, gynecologist and obstetrician.

Ágnes Katalin Csordás, President of MAVE, Society of the Hungarian Health Visitors

András Székely, leader of the Three Princesses, Three Princes Movement

Andrea Andrek, psychologist, ELTE University

Moderator: Katalin Orosz, clinical psychologist, Perinatus Foundation

 10:00am In Memoriam Dr. György Hidas, Founder and perpetual President of the HSPPM.


Zsófia Müller, psychoanalyst

Dr. Éva Hadházi, psychologist, KGRE University

 10:30am PANEL DISCUSSION: In relation with the baby – doctors around birth.

Panel members:

dr. Beáta Schill, neonatologist, Perinatal Intensive Care of Honvéd Hospital, Budapest.

dr. Zsolt Somogyvári, neonatologist, Cerny Emergency Service for Children, Budapest.

dr. Miklós Szabó, neonatologist,  Perinatal Intensive Care at the First Children Clinic, Budapest

dr. Attila Ujvári, gynecologist and obstetrician.  Szent István Hospital, Budapest.

Moderator: Andrea Andrek, psychologist, ELTE University

 11:50am Coffee break

 12:10pm SYMPOSIUM: A new profession for cooperation: perinatal counselors around birth

Nóra Árvai, psychologist, perinatal counselor

Panel members:

Dr. Kata Héjja-Nagy, psychologist, perinatal counselor

Ibolya Juhász, special education teacher, perinatal counselor

Anna Lengyel, teacher, therapist, perinatal counselor

Moderator: Andrea Andrek, psychologist, ELTE University

 13:30pm Lunch break

 14:45pm PANEL DISCUSSION: Together with the baby

Panel members:

Rita Nováky and Ágnes Rákóczi, midwives, perinatal counselors, Szent István Hospital, Budapest.

dr. Péter Bödecs, gynecologist and obstetrician, President of HSPPM

Kriszta Gitidisz, health visitor and perinatal counselor

dr. Erzsébet Váradi, neonatologist, lactation counselor

Golden Hours – the first breastfeeding. Film details

Moderator: László Léder, psychologist

 16:00pm Coffee break

 16:20pm WORKSHOP INTRODUCTION: Relationship that heals, and the relationships of the helpers.                               Perinatus Foundation

Panel members:

Ajna Császár, clinial child psychologist

Katalin Orosz, clinical psychologist, transpersonal therapist

dr. Zita S. Nagy, psychologist, OORI National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation, ELTE University

 17:20pm Sharing circles about the topics of the day, summaries by the facilitators.

 18:30pm HSPPM Annual General Meeting

Annual Report of the President

Report about HSPPM's participation in the Maastricht ISPPM conference


 19:30pm RECEPTION


 March 21, 2015 Saturday

 9:30am Panel discussion: Conception

Network and relations in the family – testimonial of an invited couple

stories / case studies by the participants

Invited commentator: Judit Molnár, clinical psychologist

9:30am Workshop 1: Haptonomy, therapy of touching

Éva Horváth Éva, perinatal counselor, sports recreational therapist

Juhász Krisztina, mental health professional

9:30am Workshop 2: The story of my birth. 

        Zsuzsanna Csizek mental health expert and Rita Nováky Rita midwife, Perinatus Foundation

11:00am, Microbirth – film screening in the Main Hall

Expert: dr. Zita Makói, pediatrician, neonatologist

Moderator: Jula Novák, doula and perinatal counselor

11:00am Workshop 3:  Consultation with the babies – a demonstration

Prof. Dr. Zack Boukydis, psychologist and Anna Lengyel 

11:00am Workshop 4: In the water – Integrated Expression and Dance Therapy (IKT)

Vera Jarovinszkij, psychologist, and Orsolya Emese Páll, psychologist, IKT therapists

 12:40pm Coffee break


Panel members:

Judit Kereki (TÁMOP 6.1.4)

Anna Tóth, midwife, leader of the Midwifery Department at the MESZK Chamber of Hungarian Health Workers

Judit Molnár, clinical psychologist

dr. Péter Bödecs, gynecologist and obstetrician, President of HSPPM

Moderator: Dr. Katalin Varga S.