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Hungarian Society of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine

Motto: Scientific Community for a Healthy Start in Life


HSPPPM is an interdisciplinary scientific society which deals with pre- and perinatal life; fetal experiences and competence; the communication between the parents and fetus; experiences around childbirth; early attachment; and the somatic, cognitive and affective disorders that can occur during the perinatal period. It supports the further development of therapeutic methods based on a deeper understanding of perinatal events.

Using a holistic approach, the goal of the Society is to provide a forum for experts who take different approaches to the perinatal period (obstetricians, pediatricians, psychologists, psychotherapists, midwives, health visitors, doulas, special educators, early intervention service providers, sociologists, cultural anthropologists, etc.). HSPPPM advocates for an evidence-based approach to care, taking psychological factors into consideration when working with people experiencing fertility problems or difficulties during pregnancy, the perinatal or postpartum periods, as well as those who experience preterm birth or suffer perinatal loss.

The Society’s conferences, trainings and publications allow an opportunity for a wide variety of professionals to share the findings of their latest research and best practices. HSPPPM’s mission is to promote the importance of preventive approaches, thereby effectively improving the quality of childbirth and the quality of life.


Board members as of 2023:
dr. Balázs BÁLINT - obstetrician-gynecologist, President
Dr. Andrea ANDREK PhD - psychologist, Vice president
Zsuzsanna LIPTAKNE HORVATH - perinatal consultant, Vice president

Board members:
dr. Eszter BODROGI - neonatologist
dr. Diana DWEIK - gynecologist
Krisztina GITIDISZNÉ GYETVÁN - health visitor
Dr. Éva HADHÁZI PhD - psychologist, mother-fetus bonding analyst
Katalin KOVÁCS - perinatal consultant
Judit Eszter MOLNÁR - clinical psychologist
Csilla ÖRDÖGH - psychologist, perinatal consultant
dr. Ágnes SOMKÖVI, MD. - pulmonologist, mother-fetus bonding analyst
Dr. Zsuzsa KOVÁCSNÉ TÖRÖK PhD - psychologist


1996: The Hungarian Society for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine is established as a Hungarian member organisation of the International Society for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine  Founded by Dr György Hidas and Dr Jenő Raffai PhD.
1998: The first Congress of the Society was held in Budapest, Hungary, under the title "Pregnancy, Birth, Childrearing in Hungarian Culture".
2007: After the USA and Greece, a perinatal training centre at the higher education level is established in Budapest, within the Centre for Affective Psychology of the ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University) Faculty of Education and Psychology. The postgraduate training "Perinatal Consultancy" covers four semesters on topics such as fetal development, the physiology and psychology of pregnancy and childbirth, sexuality, fertility, conception, life cycles, developmental crises, transgenerational trajectories, fatherhood, puerperium and the first three years, pain, perinatal blockages, and bereavement.
2018: The Night of Birth. As part of the European Researchers' Night series of events, it was organised for the first time as a separate unit at the ELTE Institute of Psychology. The all-night programme provided an insight into the different areas of perinatal science represented by various experts. 
2020: The Family-Friendly Obstetrics Programme. The program was organised by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities, in which the HSPPPM participated as a training institution. Between 2020 and 2022, HSPPPM organised training courses on 19 topics for birth professionals working in the field of obstetrics and birth in Hungarian state hospitals, and trained 1000+ professionals.
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Address: Kisbojtár utca 31, Budapest 1037, Hungary. 
Tax number: HU18228933
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